BBB Playlist: 80s Funkytown Pop: Mind Enterprises – Idol

Oct 16, 2017

October 16th 

“We are living in a modern 80’s revival and ‘Mind Enterprises – Idol’ is charity shop clothed, over sized glasses wearing perfection”…

Listen: Mind Enterprises – Idol

Stranger Things, IT, Vinyl and terrible charity shop purchases have established a modern 80’s arrival. A revival that many producers across Pop, Dance and Indie are only too keen to exploit. Many may sneer, but being an 80’s kid myself such a development has conjured up great memories of buying Michael Jackson – Bad on tape, listening to Duran Duran – Reflex on repeat and hoping to get a dancing Coke Can for Christmas. Well Mind Enterprises – Idol, couldn’t be any more 1980’s in both tone and delivery.

‘Idol’ screams hipster, minus the beard, who’s just got a Microkorg and some oversized glasses for his birthday. Perhaps a little harsh, but when you hit play you’ll see what we mean. That said, first synth or not, there is no denying Mind Enterprises have landed on an insanely infectious hook. Backed by solid kicks and a Funkytown style bassline ‘Idol’ hooks you instantly, assuming you like obvious hooks.

As to whether this track will wear thin with repeated plays remains to be seen. But for now we’ve got it blasting on repeat whilst we Google perms and neon lighting.

Thanks to BBC 6 Music for the intro.