Bonobo – Break Apart, is the second single to be taken from Bonobo’s upcoming LP ‘Migration‘ and it can be streamed in full now.

New Music: Bonobo - Break Apart

As with the preceding single Kerala what sounds like a harp has again taken centre stage, and like before it creates a deep sense of emotive melancholy. However whilst Kerala is ostensibly an instrumental, this second single calls upon the vocal talents of Michael Milosh, one half of Rhye, to add a yearningly poignant top line to Bonobo’s initial composition. Combined these two performances draw you into a sorrowful yet beautiful story of regret and loss. A sound that should appeal to fans of Bon Iver and an another artist we’ve featured heavily on Blah Blah Blah this year – Mark Pritchard. Check his ‘Beautiful People‘ collaboration with Thom Yorke.

Break Apart is another outstanding sneak peak into Bonobo’s forthcoming LP – Migration. And if the Ninja Tune press release is to be believed, then these two teasers are not revealing all the best bits before the albums official release.

Bonobo – Break Apart feat. Rhye [ Ninja Tune ]