Think Kanye West ‘808 & Heartbreaks’ meets a Diplo produced Bieber vocal and you have ‘Slave To Perfection’ with its simple hip-hop beat, sampled gothic keys riff and auto-tuned vocal performance.

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At 2.40 ‘Slave To Perfection’ is a short but highly promising introduction to the little known and presently incognito ‘The One After None‘. The simple yet snappy drum track underpins hauntingly beautiful keys – reminiscent of a late 90’s DJ Shadow, whilst a smooth pop like vocal performance delightfully intones the need for perfection.

Overall ‘Slave To Perfection’ is a highly accomplished and enjoyable slice of ear candy, that if, as the track suggests its creator is truly a slave to perfection, then what follows should be worth waiting for…

The One After None – Slave To Perfection

Source: [Cruel Rhythm]