TRP & Ron Blanco ‘Emmy’s Tree’ Deep lo-fi House

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June 14th

by | Jun 14, 2018 | New Music, Tracks

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“TRP has long been in the Blah Blah Blah record box. Yet despite our enduring support for his music we regrettably missed this little beauty. Officially released late 2017, TRP & Ron Blanco ‘Emmy’s Tree’ comes via the Live Slow EP and Smallville Records”…

TRP & Ron Blanco – Emmy’s Tree [Live Slow EP]

According to TRP’s Facebook page ‘Emmy’s Tree’ is dedicated to his beloved cat who died June 8th. A fact, if true, that would explain the tracks emotional resonance. A resonance that whilst palpable is counterbalanced by a strong and dynamic beat. A creative touch you’ll find present in most of TRP’s work.

Like previous work ‘Emmy’s Tree’ hints at a producer who has more to say than just a collection of thunderous house beats. Take his 2016 record ‘Pano‘ the sample in that track talks about caring for living things and 2017’s ‘The Future‘ depicts a riot scene on its cover art. And most recently in 2018 his Lobster Theremin follow up is called ‘Things Wont Change‘. Together these releases hint at a producer, who’s pulse, goes much deeper than his favoured drum machine.

‘TRP & Ron Blanco – Live Slow EP’ is out now via ‘Down By The Lake‘ a subsidiary of ‘Smallville Records‘.

TRP & Ron Blanco – Emmy’s Tree [Live Slow EP]